Sunday, June 16, 2013

DIsaster management 2: Save the water

Gestión de desastres: Ahorro de agua

Water is the most important and scarce item when a disaster strikes. During the 2011 event, such was one of the issues, because in addition to the lack of running water, there was the fear that the one that was available was polluted by radiation from the nuclear plant.

Since such item is such important, as a complement to my previous entry, let me share with you some links that show items that need few water, that governments could consider useful for disaster management purposes.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

How to register copyrights and a link to an article on counterfeit goods on the Pentagon

¿Cómo registrar derechos de autor? y una recomendación a un artículo en referencia a la infiltración de piratería China en el Pentágono.

Me and my life parter are on the way to establish a research group, which at least at the beginning, will be focused on the development of computational models for civil and environmental engineering. We pursue that because we believe that the main problem in our young society is the lack of interest; i.e., several enroll to universities, but most of them may not be committed to play an active role. On that way, my main concern are the copyrights.

In the place where we are living now, copyright laws are quite (very) relaxed (see the picture that accompanies my entry), despite all the efforts made by artists, principally. Nevertheless, instead of complaining and doing nothing, I am browsing on the web looking for a way to protect our rights as authors. Next I am posting some of the WEB links I am visiting. There you may find some information if you are in a position similar than mine.

Monday, October 24, 2011

A quick break from water science: Arpas Eternas (en español).

Un pequeño descanso de la ciencia del agua: Arpas Eternas

I got this book as a birthday present from my cousin, after having left my copy in my beloved Kaigan Lab. The book basically tells the story of Jesus that is not written in the Bible. What I like about it is that it does not claim to contain the "real story" (no one could); it just provides an interesting perspective of what was, or what it could have been, the life back then. It was recommended to me by Anita, my support during my journey, and I recommend it back to you, my fellow postgraduate degree pursuers (especially those living abroad), because it helped me a lot during the days of self-discovery kindly provided by my doctoral studies. The book is written in Spanish; however I think you may be able to translate it using google services, perhaps after downloading it in google docs format.

You may ask yourself why is this post related to the contents of this blog? Answer: because a PhD course comprises more than a load of technical knowledge.


PD. Aún no estás interesado en leerlo?, probablemente las charlas de Wolfang Kellert acerca de este libro (en español) cambien tu perspectiva.
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