Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Nihon and Nihongo: Some resources for beginners

Japón e idioma japonés: Recursos en la WEB para principiantes y recién llegados

For leisure, learning languages is always a good alternative. For daily life, learning the local language is quite important to fit into the local society. For personal development, learning a language is key to understand the local culture, because languages are not only composed by translated words connected together by grammatical rules, but also composed by gestures, manners and local customs.

Japanese language and the culture of the country it self have thousands of followers around the world. Several have posted very interesting material over the WEB. Next I am posting some links to sites that I have visited, which can help beginners to enjoy their Nihongo lessons and in general their life in Japan.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Geographic Information Systems GIS: Resources for the old (and wise) ArcView GIS

Sistemas de Información Geográfica (SIG): Recursos para el viejo y sabio Arcview GIS

Although the commercial software ArcView GIS by ESRI is quite old respect its new version the ArcGIS, it has demonstrated to be a quite useful tool for the processing of information that has geographic attributes, i.e., information with qualitative or quantitative value that has a geographical position (Latitude, Longitude, Elevation), and it is still being used in several educational institutions. Why? because buying it and/or upgrading it into the new ArcGIS version is not cheap!!!

GIS are fundamental tools for the generation of input maps (e.g., catchment delineation, land use maps, vegetation type maps, etc) for environmental models. We may also process geographical data using C++, Fortran and others (maps are just arrays). However, the advantage of using GIS software packages is that they have several functions already programmed. By the way, Matlab is also an alternative.

In this post I am showing some links on resources related to the use of ArcView in environmental modelling.

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