Wednesday, November 23, 2011

How to register copyrights and a link to an article on counterfeit goods on the Pentagon

¿Cómo registrar derechos de autor? y una recomendación a un artículo en referencia a la infiltración de piratería China en el Pentágono.

Me and my life parter are on the way to establish a research group, which at least at the beginning, will be focused on the development of computational models for civil and environmental engineering. We pursue that because we believe that the main problem in our young society is the lack of interest; i.e., several enroll to universities, but most of them may not be committed to play an active role. On that way, my main concern are the copyrights.

In the place where we are living now, copyright laws are quite (very) relaxed (see the picture that accompanies my entry), despite all the efforts made by artists, principally. Nevertheless, instead of complaining and doing nothing, I am browsing on the web looking for a way to protect our rights as authors. Next I am posting some of the WEB links I am visiting. There you may find some information if you are in a position similar than mine.

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