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Welcome to my blog!!!. AquaLED is a small initiative that me and my partner in life are raising. We are principally interested in rainfall-runoff modeling, and on the construction of innovative and environmental friendly infrastructure. Our dream: to establish a privately owned research group in South America.

I began writing this blog back in 2010. If you are interested in the story of this initiative, please visit the mother of my blogs.

If you feel that this blog is not being periodically updated, I invite you to visit the four sections I currently manage:

About the manager of this page.

I was born few decades ago in Bolivia. There, I studied Civil Engineering, and graduated on the field of general water resources management-engineering. Later, I was lucky to get a scholarship of the Japanese Government which allowed me to pursue a Master of Engineering degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering, at Tohoku University in Japan. I further pursued the doctoral course in the same institution, and obtained a PhD in the same field, carrying research on rainfall-runoff modelling evaluation. My CV, joined to the one of my partner in life can be found here.

So, how do I use this blog? I realized that I was seeing, reading  and investigating so many things that when I wanted to go back to them, it was hard to get on the trail. I decided to establish some kind of data base where I could store what I know, and what I dream of towards future projects, not only to my reach but also to the reach of the people I sometimes chat with. The resultant is this blog and its derivations. In the near future I will construct a web page, in order to store everything in a more concise way. Hope you enjoy it!!!

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