Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Full text journals and other resources for developing countries

Acceso (legal) a textos completos de revistas especializadas y otros recursos similares para países en vías de desarrollo

When you find your self in a place where there is no access to journals and specialized literature, it becomes very difficult to carry serious research and it may even become difficult also to carry practical professional activities. Fortunately, in the field of natural and life sciences, there are two major initiatives that provide access to literature for environmental science research:

1. OARE (Online Access to Research in the Environment).
2. AGORA (Access to Global Research in Agriculture).

How was it like to study/work without internet?

¿Cómo era estudiar/trabajar sin internet?

Do you still remember how was it like to study without an internet connection?

I do. I used to limit my "learning" to the notes given by my lecturers (some of them really interesting and useful).

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